Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Abstract Thoughts

Staring the starry sky,
I can hear the sound of the black horse,
Down through the alley,
Running nonchalantly to the destination,
Not bothering the nature’s sleep,

A man walking in the shadows,
Longing to see something lost,
The rays of hope was still falling on the pave
He seems to be still busy searching,
Not annoyed by the long reverberation time,

I wonder what my destination is,
Why am I bothering so much of surrounding,
Why am I not heeding the only call,
I heard somebody whispering,
Seems like talking to me,

Yes, the message is to me though not clear,
Vague like a road in a dew dawn,
It’s becoming more louder,
Now becomes more shrilling,

I can hear it from distance,
“Stop living someone else’s life…..”

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I love to be a rebel.... An idiot sometimes...I like to act like a mad person...someone says I am like that only.... But sometimes I feel like I am lost...sometimes I feel like I am Picked by my Lord Himself to be like this...Making the same mistakes again and again...Forgiven by Him again and again...I am proud to be His child...I am always optimistic.... about everything...but you know in each person there is something that is specifically humane.... we cant control ourselves all the time....I love this moment...I don’t regret about the past...nor do I bother about the future.... since He is the one who decides everything...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Yes....atlast I joined the blog group!!!!It was in my mind for long.....but never got the chance to start it....even i had little knowledge about this whole stuff.
My online diary.....I used to have my personal diary at different points of my life...but not a continues one....but now i think the time has come to spill the beans of my so called mind.....
this is my first day at blog school....hopefully i wil explore more on this....
Entey pranaya pushpathinte ithalukal pozhiyunnu,
adarthikalayunnathu eppozho enikkoru haramayirunnu,
odivilathey ital pozhinjittum madichu nilkkunna astamaya sooryane nokki njan melley parenju....'illa njan marichittilla.Iniyum anekayiram pushpangal entey ullil jeevikkunnu'