Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I dreamt a dream- Feb 2009

I dreamt of traveling through the mystic beauty of the world
I dreamt of whirling deep into the ocean blues
I dreamt of meeting the angels guarding the human beings
I dreamt of talking to the fairies who talks only in the tales
I dreamt of the rarest of rare aliens in those worlds
I dreamt of waking from the sleep of the dead
I dreamt of talking to the souls of the beloveds died so before
I dare to dream….the impossible……
I still dare to dream….
well well... 2 years... pretty long time... was tooo busy.... ha ha ha...
now mother of a baby girl... life has changed a lot. way of thinking has changed. way of living has changed...everything changed.. in short i am not i was...
too busy to think about the life which is the reality.... but sometimes like a flash some pictures will come and go... wont get the time to view it properly...the strong arms of present wipes those dreamy flashes...